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Personal Information Collection Statement


We are committed to protect your personal data (the "Data"). This Personal Information Collection Statement is to notify you of certain matter on or before collecting Data from you in compliance with the Personal Data (Privacy) Ordinance of the Hong Kong SAR. We limit the collection and use of the Data to the specific information we need to administer our business and provide highest quality services  to you.

We may  use the Data for one or more of the following purposes:

  1. for provisions of goods, facilities or services in respect of properties sales, leasing, development and management, shopping malls (whether owned or managed by us), consumer, retail and luxury goods and other goods, facilities and services provided by us or our tenants or business associates or partners (the "Classes of Goods and Services");

  2. for statistics, communication, marketing, promotional, customer relationship management, public relations and direct marketing purposes;

  3. for application, creation, operation and administration of accounts and records for customers, members or users;

  4. to handle comments, enquiries and complaints;

  5. to process billing and payment or to process other applications  submitted to us;

  6. for identification and verification purposes;

  7. for our own reference and record and for internal  administration purposes.

We may share the Data with our third party service providers, agents and contractors for the above purposes for us. We may also disclose the Data when required by law or court order, or as requested by any government or law enforcement authorities, or in good faith that disclosure is necessary or advisable to protect the rights or properties of  us or other persons.

We intend to use the Data for direct marketing purposes in relation to the Classes of Goods and Services. However, we may not do so unless we have received your consent for that purpose. In this connection, we may use the following Data:

  1. name and contact details;

  2. products and services portfolio information;

  3. transaction  pattern and behaviour;

  4. financial background;

  5. demographic information; and

  6. all other information collected.

The provision of the Data is voluntary. However, if you elect not to provide the Data to us, we may not be able to supply  you with the relevant information  or services or to process your request.

Consent will be sought from you for such use of the Data in direct marketing as described above. Please indicate your agreement or objection to such use of the Data in direct marketing as described above before providing the Data to us. You may also write to us by email to to opt-out from direct marketing at any time.


The person to whom requests for access to Data or correction of Data or for information regarding our Privacy Policy should be addressed to our Data Officer at:


Basement 2, 8 Sun Wui Road, Causeway  Bay, Hong Kong

In case of any discrepancy  between the English and Chinese versions, the English  version shall prevail.



我們致力保護你的個人資料("個人資料")。此個人資料收集聲明是依從香港特別行政區之《個人資料(私 隱)條例》之要求,於向你收集個人資料時或之前通知你若干事項。我們對個人資料的收集及使用限制於我們業務所需及向你提供最高服務質素的範圍內。




  1. 提供有關物業銷售、出租、發展及管理、旗下或管理的商場、消費者及零售貨品、奢侈品、及其它由我們或我們租戶或業務或合作夥伴所提供的貨品 、設施及/ 或服務("指定產品及服務");

  2. 資料統計、通訊、市場營銷、推廣、客戶關係管理、公關及直接促銷;

  3. 客戶、會員或使用者帳戶及記錄的申請、成立、運作及行政管理;

  4. 處理意見、査詢及投訴;

  5. 處理帳單及付款,或處理其他向我們提出的申請;

  6. 識別及核實身份;及

  7. 內部參考及記錄及作內部行政管理用途。

我們可能提供個人資料予我們的第三方服務供應商、代理及承包商為我們作上述用途。我們亦可能基於以下情況透露個人資料:法律所需,法庭命令,政府或執法機構所需或懇切相信有必要或被建議透露個 人資料以保障我們或其他人仕的權利或資產。

我們擬使用個人資料以直接促銷指定產品及服務,但我們在未得到你的同意之前,不可如此使用個入資 料。就此,我們可能使用以下個人資料:


  a. 名稱及聯絡資料;

  b. 產品及服務資訊;

  c. 交易模式及行為;

  d. 財務背景;

  e. 統計資料;及

  f. 其他收集資料。



我們會徵求你的同意使用個人資料作上述直接促銷用途。請你於提供個人資料前,表示你同意或反對我們如此使用個人資料作上述直接促銷用途 。你亦可於任何時候電郵至 , 要求我們停止使用個人資料作直接促銷用途。



香港銅鑼灣新會道 8 號 B2 層


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