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1. Do I need an appointment before viewing?

Yes. Our viewing time is from 11:00a.m. - 7:00p.m (Mon to Sat), and is by appointment ONLY. Please feel free to call or email us for viewing appointment.


2. Any deposit needed? If so, how can I get it back after check-out?

Yes. One month security deposit is needed. It will be refunded by cash cheque (under tenant’s name) after check out. No refund & transferable for any early termination or cancellation.


3. How should I pay the rent and deposit?

You can pay by cash or by bank transfer.


4. If I wanna early terminate my contract, how can I get back my deposit?

We are sorry to let you know that in case of any early termination or cancellation of confirmed contract, payment (rental and deposit) is non-refundable & non-transferable.


5. Is there any minimum lease?

Minimum one month lease is required.


6. Can I extend my contract month by month? If so, what should I do if I wanna extend my contract?

Definitely. You can extend the lease month by month or a longer period is welcomed! If you wanna have further extension, simply give us a 30 days advance notice by email.


7. I will come to HK few months later, can I reserve a room now?

Sure you can reserve a room in advance if we have room available for your preferred period. Or feel free to email us to waitlist a room for a far out period, we will update you once we have vacant room for you.


8. Is there any kitchen in your dorm?

No we don’t, but we do have a small pantry area on each floor, include 1 microwave, 1 fridges & 1 kettle for sharing. 


9. May I know how many rooms share one toilet/ bathroom?

It’s depends on the location you stay, normally it’s around 6-8 rooms share one toilet/ bathroom.

10. Do you have Female’s dorm or Male’s dorm?

Apple Dorm mainly is mixed gender, but we do have some floor which is for girls only. Please feel free to email us for details.

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